Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.

Focusing too much on marketing created a big gap between branding and marketing. And that made businesses dumb.

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What Do We Do?

Youtube Production

We Produced nearly 2000 videos in these last 3 years for many YouTube Channels. We Edit videos that doesn’t only get retantion but also It attracts real human. From Thumbnail to Videos, We analyze that what is the thing that videos or thumbnails were lacking. And what can We do to improve things.

Ad Production

Marketing is bloodline to anybusiness But Branding is the key that makes greater impact through marketing so both must be aligned. And We do exactly that. We edit ad videos that get your customer’s attantion. We Promise the caseback if you don’t get video worth watching. Because, Yes we want to make money (a big chunk of money) but We also want to provide quality and value for your business.

Social Media Management

We are a team who not only knows technical or creative things but also spychological sides of content creation. We experimented on our own channel for 8 to 10 videos and analyzed, what is doing well and what is not. And right now, We are creating a social media strategy that contains technology and design psychology from USA, CANADA, JAPAN, and SPAIN and design style from india so we can make indian businesses more profitable

Our Mission?

I am Lucky Balotiya. A Creative Diractor and a Video Editor at Heyfex.com and I myself seen so much scams & corruption in my personal life and in schools and collages. So I just want to spread awareness about it and to do this. I require to be some kind of expert myself. And the 2nd part of the mission is to provide value that rivals the money i get in exchange.

Value = Money

I have seen people that scams the money out of customers pocket to just get paid in exchange of providing the worst value possible.

I hate them. But I love my work.